• EXPERTISE in solving complex financial situations
  • GLOBAL presence with deep local knowledge
  • ALIGNED with companies and co-investors
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  • Singapore
  • Istanbul
  • Athens
  • London
  • New York
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Who We Are

We are a global partnership of highly experienced finance professionals putting our own capital to work.

Konsortium represents a unique combination of:

  • a global network of partners who have worked together in leading institutions building successful businesses over the past 30+ years
  • the nimbleness and speed of a boutique merchant bank
  • a passion to provide sound financing that works for our partners, including those seeking smaller amounts of capital

Glenn Barnes - Partner

Partner and member of the management committee. Prior to this Glenn was global head of structured products at several large financial institutions (including UBS, Merrill and UniCredit) ...

TS Cheah - Partner

TS has been involved in various aspects of finance in Asian markets. Having spent a few years with Ministry of Finance in Malaysia, he moved on to commercial banking and ...

Scott Eaton - Non-executive Partner

Scott is also currently the CEO of Algomi, a financial technology company. Previously Scott was the COO of MarketAxess Europe and Trax. He was formerly Global Head of Emerging...

George Handjinicolaou - Non-executive Partner

George is the non-executive Chairman of the Board of Directors of Piraeus Bank, and serves as Chairman of the Board of Directors of Athens Stock Exchange (ATHEX)...

Kevin Krespi - Non-executive Partner

Kevin spent 29 years in the banking industry starting on derivative desks and moving onto management roles in Global Markets. He spent a total of 5 years working in Hong Kong...

Ken Lee - Partner

Ken has had over 30 years working in the Investment Banking profession with a few global Investment Banking Firms, including Manufacturers Hanover (now JP Morgan),...

Jameson Miller - Partner

Jameson has over 30-years of experience in investment banking, trading and structuring at global financial institutions and hedge funds in New York, San Francisco and London...

Masakazu Murayama - Partner

Masakazu has over 40 years of experience in international banking and business, with an especially deep knowledge of the Japanese market. As well as being a partner of Konsortium...

Louisa Pires - Partner

Louisa has more than 33 years working experience in global finance. She was a Managing Director in the distribution and client coverage areas with Merrill Lynch, Dresdner Bank...

Rahmi Sayder - Partner

Rahmi has over 35 years of experience in investment banking, structuring and advising clients on public and private debt and equity offerings and strategic partnerships. After working...

Steve Triebes - Partner

Steve has over 25 years experience in international investment banking and finance. He has extensive experience designing structured transactions for investors and new issuers ...

Rick Weinstein - Partner

Rick has over 30 years’ experience in international finance, beginning with interest rate swap trading before going on to build and run derivative and structured finance...

Specialized Partners -

Konsortium has other partners who have specialized expertise including areas such as distressed credit and bankruptcy.

Partners include: Chinese English French German Greek Italian Japanese Turkish speakers.

What We Do

Konsortium uses its expertise, contacts and capital to source, analyse and resolve complex situations.

Areas of focus:

Illiquid Financial Assets and Liabilities

  • Non-performing or distressed situations
  • Portfolio dispositions
  • Defective or mis-structured structured products
  • Derivative instruments

Capital Commitment

  • Private debt, mezzanine, specialized equity
  • Structured or regulatory driven instruments
  • Complex instruments
  • Investments aligned with partner groups and generally origination driven

Specialized and Event Driven Situations

  • Portfolio transformations
  • Corporate actions
  • Regulatory or legal response

Sector and Regional Targets

  • Private financial and corporate institutions
  • Governmental entities
  • Cross-border focus; The Americas, EMEA and Asia

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